C3 Mission

Culture - Command - Cohesion

We are a strategy consulting firm that serves a broad range of segments including corporations young and old, professional athletic companies as well as public sector institutions. We use a collaborative approach that works from the inside-out to help our clients discover their most important goals and make meaningful and lasting improvements to their performance. 


About Us

Former Navy SEALs

Our consultants operate as a single-minded team, united by a common set of values and an unceasing commitment to help organizations and individuals achieve their highest potential. Comprised of former Navy SEALs with high levels of education, our team of highly strategic individuals joined ETP for the opportunity to apply their talent to a complex and volatile world. 



Our Vision

ETP thrives on providing individuals and organizations with some of the processes that have made the SEAL teams one of the most successful organizations in our nation’s history. These are rooted in effective communication, accountability, and discipline.

Our Process

Our comprehensive process begins with capturing important data, history, and regional industry segment idiosyncrasies. After learning where you are, we will develop strategies that will help take you where you want to be.


Engagement Options

Keynote Address
Tailored Workshops

We use stories from our time as Navy SEALs, combined with principles that are actionable to equip the listener with tools they can use to enrich their lives, improve individual performance and increase team effectiveness. 

This option allows ETP to dive deep into the C3 mission in a collaborative multi-day experience perfect for training camp. Our workshops are designed specifically to build trust, enhance communication, generate commitment, and deliver sustained positive results. 

Organizational Mentorship Program

Real improvement comes from positive mentorship. Designed with that in mind, this program is our most in-depth package. ETP’s mentorship program allows for multiple customized, goal-oriented engagements with individual players and coaches so that progress can be successfully measured. 




  • Leadership at every level

  • Situational leadership

  • Decision making and critical thinking

  • Effective communication

  • Understanding leadership         styles


  • Creating a sustainable and effective culture

  • Valuing new Ideas

  • An identity of innovation and change

  • Attention to detail

  • Adapt and overcome


  • Overcoming adversity

  • Accountability, teachability, dependability    

  • Build, develop, and align teams 

  • Better manage individual and collective strengths and weaknesses



Life & Career

Nick Hays is not your typical Navy SEAL. After cutting weight as a wrestler, his growth was severely stunted. Standing just over 5 feet tall, he was often bullied as a kid and was laughed at when he told others of his dream to become a member of one of the worlds most elite units. Nick learned that what first seemed like a deficiency was indeed his greatest strength because it made him immune to adversity.  After leaving the SEAL Teams at ten years, he began contracting in the middle east. Nick’s operating days came to an end when he ruptured a disk while preparing for an operation in Afghanistan.


Disillusioned, broken and without means to provide for his family Nick was left without a purpose in life. After recovery, his training kicked in, and he remembered the lessons learned from the SEAL teams and put them to the test with professional athletes. Word spread and before he knew it he was training the Miami Heat and eventually worked with the Atlanta Falcons on their way to a Super Bowl. Nick holds a BA from the University of Maryland, a Masters in Business from the University of San Diego and a post-graduate degree from Harvard Business School. He now resides in California with his wife and their three children.


Life & Career

Born overseas into a military family, Aaron Kendle grew up in Northern Virginia. Immediately following high school, he enlisted in the Navy to join one of the world’s most elite special operations units. Over his 15-year career as a Navy SEAL, he served on both the east and west coasts at SEAL Team 7, Naval Special Warfare Development Group and Naval Special Warfare Group 1 Training Detachment. He completed six deployments throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa. He is a qualified sniper, combat medic and air operations instructor. He finished his time in the service as the Chief in charge of all high-risk, military freefall training for the west coast SEAL teams.


 Aaron’s last year in the Navy, he took over as the CEO of a non-profit that assisted SEALs in their transition from the military to civilian life. It was because of this that he applied and was accepted into the Program for Leadership Development at Harvard Business School. During the program, Aaron was severely injured in an accident and lost his left hand. After finishing the program and medically retiring from the Navy, he found his next purpose using the fundamentals learned from the SEAL teams and HBS to enhance companies’ culture, leadership and team cohesion. Aaron now resides in San Antonio, TX with his wife and daughter.

Javier Lopez

Athletic Advisor

14 year Major League Baseball veteran. He is a four-time World Series Champion (2007, 2010, 2012, 2014) and the 2016 Willie Mac Award winner.

Eric Sutulovich

Lead Athletic Coordinator

14 years of coaching experience in the NFL. He has sent multiple players to the Pro-Bowl and coached in Super Bowl LI. 

David Mayer

Founder, BD Director

U.S. Airforce veteran, COO of Southeast Forest Products, and a Harvard Business School Alumni. 


Kristian Haigh

Board of Advisors

Senior Director, B2C, Advertising & Commercial Partnerships at eBay and a post-graduate of Harvard Business School. 

Julie Prolov

Board of Advisors

HR Executive at Quantium with 10 years of experience in data analytics consulting. A post-graduate of Harvard Business School  

Sebastian Genoud

Board of Advisors

Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, a post-graduate of Harvard Business School and resides in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Jason Skeoch

Board of Advisors

Co-Founder & CEO of All Systems Broadband 2007-2018, with over 20 years of telecommunications industry experience. Director and Co-Founder of Active Charity.

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Phone: (650) 822-7605

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