How EliteTeams Works

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Step 1

You Define Your Project

Use the EliteTeams Project Workspace to define your project.

Drag and drop features into the workspace and then drag and drop components into those features.

Already have a UI design, attach that to the project? We support major UI design systems including Figma and Adobe XD. If you don’t have a UI design or your design is incomplete, you can add a UI/UX Designer to your team.

Step 2

You Build Your Team

Once you have all–or at least part–of your project defined,the next step is to use the EliteTeams Team Workspace to build and configure your team.

Every team will have a Team Manager and at least one QA Engineer. Beyond that, you can specify as many other team members you need including UI/UX and database designers, software development engineers, and QA testers. You do this by dragging and dropping team members into the Team Workspace.

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Step 3

We Manage Your Project

Once you’ve defined your project and built your team, you can start the team working.  At that point, your EliteTeams Team Manager–assisted by our proprietary EliteAI performance management system–will manage your project. Your Team Manager will be your point-of-contact throughout the project–always there if you have questions or concerns.

Step 4

You Monitor and (if necessary)
Make Changes.

During the project, you will have complete visibility into what your team is doing.  View what each team member is working on.  See code changes and the result of automated code reviews.  See unit test and QA results.

You also have control.  At any time, you can start or stop your team, change its size and/or configuration, or update any of the project specifications.

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Eliteteam´s  project workspace list view interface