A New Way
To Outsource PHP Development

Get a Fully-Managed On-Demand
PHP Development Team!

No Contracts. No Salespeople.
100% Transparency.

EliteTeams has a NEW WAY to OUTSOURCE your next project. Our on-demand PHP development teams are available immediately.

Our PHP development teams are fully-managed by experienced team leaders while providing you with a level of transparency and flexibility that outsourcing companies cannot match.

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100% Visibility
Into the Development Process

Eliteteam´s  project workspace list view interface

With EliteTeams, you will have 100% visibility into the development process

Including access to time and tasking, code compliance reviews, developer unit tests, and QA testing results.  You can even drill down and view actual code changes made by individual developers.

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Teams Experienced with PHP Frameworks and
Component Libraries

If you have a specific PHP frameworks (such as Laravel, Zend/Laminas Project, CodeIgniter, Slim, FuelPHP, PHPixie, CakePHP, or Yii) or PHP component libraries such as (Symfony, Monolog, or PHP Unit) we can provide you with elite teams with necessary experience.
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Eliteteam´s project Workspace showing drag and drop component feature

No salespeople

Let’s face it.  What IT manager wants to talk to a salesperson?  But try outsourcing a PHP development project without talking to one.

At EliteTeams, there are no salespeople.  Just go to the EliteTeams website.  Sign up for an account. Use the drag-and-drop project workspace to define your project.  Then use the drag-and-drop team workspace to build your team.

If you need help, our technical support staff is only a click away.  But they are there to help you, not sell you.

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You have complete FLEXIBILITY and CONTROL

Eliteteam´s transaction list interface imageEliteTeam´s transaction list interface

Unlike other outsourcing solutions, with EliteTeams, you can modify your project scope at any time. Start or stop your React.js team, change its size and/or configuration, or update any of the project specifications.

At EliteTeams, there are no salespeople.  Just sign up on the EliteTeams website and use our easy drag-and-drop workspace to define your project and build your team.

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Only Pay for What You Use
EliteTeams provides a new way to purchase software development services. Unlike hiring a full-time PHP developer, with an on-demand PHP development team from EliteTeams, you will pay for only the time you use.

Start or stop your PHP team, change its size and/or configuration, or update any of the project specifications at any time.You have complete flexibility and control.

How EliteTeams Works

You Define Your Project.

Use the EliteTeams Project Workspace to specify features and components of those features. Attach existing specifications, designs, code, APIs, and/or databases.

You Build Your Team

Once you have defined your project, use the Team Workspace to build your team.  Specify the number and type of designers, developers, and QA engineers you need.

We Manage Your Project

Once you start your project, one of our experienced Team Managers will manage your project throughout its lifecycle.

You Monitor and (if necessary) Make Changes

At any time during the project, you can start or stop your team, change its size and/or configuration, or update any of the project specifications.

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